Made In House

Over the years Karen has been commissioned to make some wonderful pieces for her clients, many of which have been for private homes and therefore not shown in our showroom or on our website. Below are a few of her original driftwood designs and creations that can still be made to order. The driftwood Karen uses has been collected for her in New Zealand and the US and this amazing driftwood is very hard so will live forever. We also have some stunning Sea Fans which have been mounted and framed in house to make beautiful wall art for the home or business environment.


Karen works closely with our clients to produce stunning pieces of driftwood artwork to be enjoyed and treasured for many years. Since Karen started taking on commissions she has seen how driftwood once filled the worlds beaches and rivers and there was no shortage of natures wonders.

The driftwood came from all over the world and each piece was picked by the collector knowing that Karen can make something from it. Karen loves and prefers to work with driftwood that comes from the US, Canada and New Zealand as it is all hard wood which means it will last forever. Some of the commissions Karen has made have been sent all over the world and many pieces have ended up on Luxury boats and some A list fashion designer homes.

All of the driftwood accessories and the tables are also designed by Karen and she works closely with her sub contractors to make sure the quality if perfect. New designs are added yearly which have naturally proven to be timeless pieces.

Below are just a few examples of Karen's commissions and we would be very happy to discuss any ideas that you have for your own commission.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss a special piece.

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