Doris Brixham

Flame Light with Grass Shade


 The Flame Light lamp is an exceptional piece designed to elevate the ambiance of your interior to incandescent heights. Inspired by the vibrant and warm nuances of dancing flames, this lampshade embodies the brilliance and vitality of a living fire.

This piece is not only a functional lighting object but also a captivating work of art that awakens the senses and creates an unforgettable atmosphere in any room of your home.

It is composed of a lampshade made of South Tunisian date palm fiber placed on a Berber pottery base. The entire piece is handcrafted by Tunisian artisans.

Each piece may vary slightly in terms of shape and colour tones from others in the collection. This adds a touch of originality to your interior decoration and reflects the authenticity and quality of artisanal craftsmanship.

Total lamp height: 80 cm.
Spherical lampshade diameter: 35 cm Pottery base: Ø 16cmx H 36cm

The firing process takes place in traditional wood-fired kilns, and this plays a crucial role in the development of the pottery's colour nuances. The pottery colours range from light beige to pinkish beige, complemented by other natural tones from grey to black.

Small imperfections such as air bubbles in the clay, slight cracks, or minor irregularities may be present, which attest to the artisanal nature of the piece and add to its authenticity.

More images to be uploaded soon. Expected Mid May.