Best Animal Print Cushions for Your Home Decor

Best Animal Print Cushions for Your Home Decor


Elevating your home decor with the right accents can transform your living spaces into stylish sanctuaries. Doris Brixham, experts in interior design and home accessories, advocate for the timeless appeal of animal print cushions. These versatile pieces serve as neutral yet bold elements, seamlessly integrating with various design schemes from traditional to modern.

The Timeless Appeal of Animal Prints

  • Versatility: Animal prints, particularly in neutral tones, effortlessly complement a wide range of colour schemes and decor styles.
  • Mix and Match: The unique patterns of animal prints allow them to blend harmoniously with other prints, adding depth and interest to your decor.

Incorporating Animal Print Cushions

  • Statement Pieces: Use animal print cushions to make a bold statement on a plain sofa or chair, instantly elevating the piece's visual appeal.
  • Layering: Combine animal print cushions with solid colours or other subtle patterns for a layered, sophisticated look that adds texture to your space.

Choosing the Right Animal Print

  • Quality Matters: Selecting high-quality prints is crucial to avoid the cheap appearance often associated with lower-end materials. Doris Brixham offers a curated selection of chic, durable animal print cushions that promise longevity and style.
  • Design Compatibility: Whether your decor leans towards the elegance of regency, the simplicity of mid-century modern, or the ornate details of chinoiserie, there's an animal print cushion to match.

Expertise from Doris Brixham

Doris Brixham's extensive experience in home decor and interior design makes them the go-to source for integrating animal print cushions into your home. They understand the balance required to make these prints work without overwhelming a space.

  • Subtle Integration: Doris Brixham advises using animal prints as accents rather than the main feature, ensuring they complement rather than dominate your decor.
  • Trend-Proof Decorating: Despite the cyclical nature of trends, Doris Brixham emphasises that animal prints remain a constant in the design world, making them a wise investment for your home.


How do you display scatter cushions?


Create visual interest with a 2-1-2 formation, mixing large squares, a central rectangular cushion, and smaller squares to add dimension.

What size cushions can you get?


Cushion sizes vary, with common dimensions ranging from 30cm x 30cm to 60cm x 60cm, allowing for versatility in styling.

What is the point of scatter cushions?

Scatter cushions add comfort, colour, and decorative flair to a space, making them functional and stylish accessories.

Why use scatter cushions?

They offer an affordable way to refresh a room's look, allowing for seasonal updates or a quick style change without major investment.


Animal print cushions are more than just trendy accessories; they are a design staple that can enhance any room's aesthetic. With the expert guidance of Doris Brixham, incorporating these timeless pieces into your home decor is both simple and sophisticated. Whether you're an interior designer seeking to add flair to a project or a homeowner looking to update your space, animal print cushions offer versatility, style, and enduring appeal.