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Driftwood Tables

Beautiful and elegant in their design, our Driftwood Tables are truly amazing, not just as a piece of furniture but in their whole construction.

Firstly the exact right driftwood has to be chosen to go in to each individual base. The chosen pieces are bolted together, forming the base, before the whole piece is kiln dried, making sure that it is as strong and sturdy as it can possibly be. It is then rebolted, ensuring that there is no room for movement, before it is perfectly leveled so that the glass sits comfortably on top. Because of the technique that is used to make and dry these tables, they are suitable to be used in conservatories and can be placed on to floors with under floor heating. 

Each table is hand crafted in this way no matter how big or small and the glass top affords you the opportunity to gaze through into the wood as you dine. 

Depending on the size of the table, the glass tops are made from 10mm or 6mm toughened safety glass and are heavy enough to sit on top of the base without the need for fixings.

The bases are available to buy without the glass top, enabling you to have a piece made to your own specifications.

These tables really are extraordinarily beautiful and unique pieces.


If you would like to place an order for an out of stock piece or thinking of having a table made to your specification please don't hesitate to call us on 01803 411 330 or email

This table is actually our desk in the new showroom, but it can of course be used as a dining table.





Another new designs is our Bleached console that measures160cm x 40cm £1695, also available in Natural £1595..