Happy Easter!

We have been promised a warm and sunny weekend and apart from having fun with the children on the Easter Egg Hunt we can't wait to get stuck into organising our gardens ready for the months ahead.

We have been busy choosing the veggie plants we want to grow this season together with aromatic herbs and a variety of salads ........ but alongside the planting there are little corners and spaces which are crying out for that special ornament for that finishing touch. Trouble is everytime we think we are finished we find another gorgeous object that just has to come home with us.

We have recently taken delivery of some fabulous garden ornaments so the choice is now even harder. You can view the whole collection in our Garden section but here are a few to feast the eye .....

Perfect for a peaceful area of the garden is a selection of Buddhas and Monks as well as Lord Ganesh and an Eastern Goddess.

Serene Sitting Monk                           Decorative Resting Buddha

Monk Bird Feeder                               Lord Ganesh

Cheeky Monkeys and Gorillas to make you smile

Three Wise Monkeys                          Three Wise Orangutans

and of course there is always space for our beloved canine friends

Stone Terrier                                     Stone Pug

                                        Stone Bulldog