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About Us

Doris by Karen Miller is the new home for Devon Driftwood Designs. Karen has been designing and creating Driftwood Art for over a decade now and launched Devon Driftwood Designs in 2007.

Why Doris?

DORIS - The goddess of the Sea's Bounty – In Greek mythology, Doris was the Oceanid nymph wife of the sea-god Nereus, and the mother of the fifty Nereides. She was the goddess of the rich fishing-grounds found at the mouths of rivers where fresh water mingled with the brine. Her name is connected with two words--dôron, "gift" or "bounty," and zôros, "pure" and "unmixed."

A perfect name to describe the unique quality of our driftwood and exotic sea shells and we couldn’t resist the quirkiness of this goddess’s name!

The beauty of driftwood lies in that it is “simple nature" so you will never tire of it. The major challenge facing us today, is keeping it original. Originality is something that we pride ourselves on, innovating and working with new ideas that function and are appreciated.

Product Range

As you browse through our website you will see that we have beautiful Driftwood Sculptures, Hearts, Mirrors and Lamps, all hand made by Karen.

You will also see our ‘Designed By’ driftwood range of products which includes tables, trees, mirrors, lighting and smaller items to decorate your home or business environment. This range of products has been designed by Karen and made to her exacting standards by an independent company who have expert knowledge in dealing with driftwood.

Driftwood cannot be mass produced, meaning that we only have a few items made of each piece and because every piece of driftwood is unique, each product has it’s own originality and beauty.

To compliment our signature driftwood pieces, we have a large selection of fabulous polished shells that are ethically sourced from all over the world. These shells look beautiful when hanging from our driftwood trees or as small accent decorations around your home. Many are hand drilled, by ourselves, then threaded with pretty coloured  ribbon.

We are delighted to introduce our range of printed cushions, designed exclusively for ‘Doris’ and printed and made here in the Brixham. The cushions have proven to be so popular with our customers, we have extended our range of exclusive printed products to include vanity bags, iPhone and iPad covers.

To enhance our collection we endeavour to source original products for our customers including nautical themed lighting and framed prints, all inspired by the sea and nature.

We hope you will enjoy your ‘Doris’ experience and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.